The Koffler Arts Center in Toronto had a 20 year retrospective of my work in 1990, called 20/20 Hind Sight. It was curated by Gloria Hickey. Works came from many collectors, and some came from our house. For some reason when my part of the show came back, I put it in storage. I did the same thing earlier with a 10 year retrospective at the Agnes Etherington Art Gallery in Kingston, curated by Robert Swain. I was looking for a copy of the 20/20 book that went with that show, and found not only the books, but many of the original pieces from both shows. Here is some of what I found. If you are interested in a piece or a book, give us a call or e-mail us for more information.

You can view a slide show of these pieces or view them with more detailed information below.

U Turn Handbuilt stoneware wall sculpture, with bas relief, rubbed iron and Harlan’s white crackle and Hustad glazes. Made in Calgary in 1972. 39 cm long.

Thrown Wood fired Weeping Willow Vase. Raw porcelain with chrome and iron oxide brush work, and the marks of fire. 24.5 cm high and made in the 1980’s.

Thrown Stoneware Flower Vase using pitcher form. Made in Calgary in 1970 and 27 cm high. The inside and top have Peach black temmoku and the outside has BA stoneware glaze.

Hand build electrical porcelain Flower Vase. Made in Calgary in 1972. Repeat pressed design with lithium blue glaze and over glaze gold. 26.5 cm high.

1946 Happy Chev Truck On The Road. Made in Calgary in 1972. Thrown porcelain* with Harlan’s white crackle with black slip carved away. Over fired with platinum and gold and mother of pearl. * (the clay body is closer to a white stoneware than porcelain) the piece is 32 cm across.

Celadon Wall Platter. Bas relief leaf rhythms on thrown porcelain, made in Calgary in 1972. It is 29 cm across.

Hand Built Flower Vase. A Fireclay body pressed into an auto-body cheese cutter file for texture with a thrown addition, glazed in Joy’s Bronze black and sponged off in sections. Made in Calgary in 1972 and is 26 cm high.

Thrown Wall Plate in Celadon and Copper red glaze. Made in 1980 and is 31 cm across.

Thrown Flower Vase in clear celadon. Made in 1978 and 23 cm high.

Iris Wall Platter with hand built iris flower added to rim. Chrome oxide leaf brush work with Thomas Glaze and Lithium flashes. Made in 1981 and is 38 cm across.

Plumb Tea Pot. Thrown with hand built plumb and leaf added. Clear celadon with cobalt and chrome underglaze added. Made in 1974 and is 19 cm high.

Tall Thrown Branch Vase. Ash glaze with cobalt and iron oxides added on shoulder and March crackle glaze on lower part of vase. Made in 1975 and is 46 cm tall.

Tall Thrown Branch Vase. Ash glaze with cobalt and iron oxides added on shoulder and March crackle glaze on lower part of vase. Made in 1975 and is 46 cm tall.

Thrown Wall Platter with flashed lithium blue glaze on the interior surface and ash glaze on the rim with a wash of iron oxide on outside edge. Made in 1975 and is 34 cm across.

Butterfly Wall Platter with lithium blue interior and ash glazed rim. Iron oxide brush work over bas relief carving was added. Made in 1975 and is 36.5 cm across.

Large wood fired Branch Vase. March crackle glaze with wood ash settlings on the shoulder. Made in 1987 and is 38 cm high.

Thrown Mei Ping with celadon and peach black glazes poured over it. Made in 1978 and 28 cm high.

Scalloped Wall Plate in Thomas glaze. Made in 1976 and is 33 cm across.

Thrown Garlic Head Flower Vase. Facetted and combed in celadon glaze. Made in 1981 and is 33 cm across.

Apple Blossom Flower Vase. Thrown and slip trailed apple blossom decorations with celadon and copper red glazes and peach black background glaze. Made in 1978 and is 18.5 cm high.