My life as an artist is has puppy dog written all over it. See, whiff, and follow the scent. Tomorrow is another day. See. Really see.

Everything that happened to me in fifty years of making Art has that flavour. Almost nothing was planned. Getting into the arts was accidental; staying always felt good. Falling in love just took a moment, and a spectacular smile. Real people, real voices, real feelings, real friends in real time. See, hear, feel, think and respond: make art. I have never had a full time job other than making works of Art. No pay cheques, no meetings, and almost no deadlines—never miss your own opening. Make good Art.

I had help along the way over fifty years, in many ways, from many people. This book, My work, My Way, is a “Thank You” to those that made this puppy a happy and successful studio potter. Bringing beauty into an industrial world is a challenge. I needed help, and I got it.

My intention in writing the book is to give the studio information away to someone who needs it. There will always be gaps, but I think most of what was done over fifty years is covered. Ceramics, like other art forms, has the ability to communicate. Why we make is crucial to what we make. Our art form is growing, and it was a privilege to be part of that growth.


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  1. Harlan
    Thanks for your generosity and altruism. Your story and book are wonderful. The world of the studio potter seems as organic as the pots we make. By sharing history and technique, perhaps some of the flavour of past work will seep into new pots. Like a good sourdough?
    Please remain well and happy!

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