Blacksmith and Carpenter Shop

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Hi Kids, I wish you could hold this axe handle.  It is perfect!  OK, it is old and broken, but it is perfect. For most of my life I have railed against the concept of ‘good enough’ or ‘OK’; our watered-down version of ‘perfect’.  The old guys who worked in my 1860’s blacksmith and carpenter’s shop would not settle for …

wood fired vase


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Building the kiln shed took two summers. Hand planed beams, mortice and tendon joinery and no nails until you get to the roof…it’s a nice place to be in. Building my wood fired kiln took a third summer. Taking it down took one day. The first firing was on August 23, 1982. We only reached bisque temperature, so got exactly …

No More Deadlines

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Over the past few weeks, I have been asked many times about the dates of our Lonsdale Studio Exhibition. Usually, it is in May, but this year is special. Our last Studio Exhibition is going to be in October. I just fired the kiln, and will be working on the pieces over the summer…you will see. If you are in …

Lonsdale Fall 2016

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Hi again, Thank you for your interest in the retrospective work we shared with you last week. As promised, here are some new pieces – so new they are still warm! I hope you will enjoy seeing them at our Lonsdale Studio Exhibition this coming weekend. We will be open from 11 to 4 on Saturday November 5 and Sunday …



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By the time you see my next Studio Exhibition this fall in Lonsdale, I will be nearly 73. It will be the 42nd time we invited you to Lonsdale. Time flies! I have thought about stopping my work in porcelain, and I might. But then, along comes a 5 year old grandchild, and into the mud we go. Quitting is …


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Spring in Lonsdale is simply splendid, just like it is anywhere else. I love the lilacs and the stop sign. Most of the locals drive through without stopping, or do a rolling stop. If you do stop they will know you are from away…but by all means do stop, and do look, and do enjoy, and do come back. I …



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Spring is like a beautiful Spanish orange. It looks good, it smells great, and as the layers are exposed, the promise of what is inside makes my mind work overtime. We have seen spring arrive in Lonsdale for 43 years, and each time we pinch ourselves to see if it is real. There always is something new to look at. …