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Don’t hire me to renovate your house. I built a shed attached to my studio 15 years ago, and am just finishing it now.

The building is a wall away from my kiln, and I built the place in case I needed or wanted to build another kiln. As it turns out, my old kiln is just fine, and the new building has been the go-to place for “stuff”. The stuff is now where is should have been all along, and the empty space looks pretty good.

WindowsI have restored an old set of Victorian windows, and made casements for them. I have the ceiling painted and some of the beams too. The building has no nails in it and sits on a nearly flat limestone slab that is fifty metres thick. I built it using old barn timber techniques, which was a lot of work and a lot of fun. Which gets me to the point…there might be more fun ahead. The original plan for a kiln was real, but I also remember pacing out the area and thinking “pool room”. That is what it is going to be. I am looking for a nice old snooker table with real wood and real leather pockets. I have had a cue for thirty or more years, so a table and balls seem like the only way to go…and I have some ideas about how to light the place. I will keep you posted.

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