Happy Holidays

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A little while ago Maureen and I were parked, getting gas for our car. It was a very cool day, so when a young and extremely beautiful lady got out of her car we had a discussion. Maureen thought the black tights were too tight, and would be too cool. I said they have nothing to do with warmth. She was also wearing a white skin tight top that fit her very well…just saying. 28 on pump 6.

When I joined the line-up inside to pay, that same young girl said to me,” You look just like Santa”. The whole room laughed. I asked her if she had been a very good girl, and she replied with a smile,” No Santa, I have been a very bad girl”. I started to say never mind, when her boyfriend gave her a dirty look…we all had another very good laugh and she left saying Merry Christmas. I told Maureen what happened, and we laughed all the way home.

I hope the same thing happens to you…Santa lives!

I am having an exhibition at David Kaye in Toronto for the month of February…more later.

Merry Christmas to ALL the girls and boys,

Maureen and Harlan

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