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By the time you see my next Studio Exhibition this fall in Lonsdale, I will be nearly 73. It will be the 42nd time we invited you to Lonsdale. Time flies!

I have thought about stopping my work in porcelain, and I might. But then, along comes a 5 year old grandchild, and into the mud we go. Quitting is not an option if you are going to teach your grandchildren something about making. It is also not the brightest thing to do if you still have ideas; ideas that might bring pleasure to someone other than me. Retirement is a word I understand…it’s just not for me.

Maureen, our son Abraham and his son Ethan and I went to an airshow. Awesome! The next day we went into the studio to make pinch pots. The day after that we went in to the studio to make jets…how cool is that? Ethan has no idea what a jet can do other than make a lot of noise and go fast, and he has no idea what a pinch pot is for either, but we had fun making things. That is actually the important thing isn’t it?

I probably won’t quit. Slower yes. Jets no…OK maybe.

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