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Hello again!

I hope this finds you well.  It has been a while since you heard from me, so I am reporting.  Maureen and I are just fine.  Being in lockdown in Lonsdale is almost normal.  I stopped making ceramics a couple of years ago but have been extremely busy on other projects.  More later.

We have been a couple for more than 60 years, so we know one another well.  Still, lockdown spent with my girlfriend has its moments.  

There are things you do in the studio but should not do at the breakfast table.  No need to elaborate.  Maureen, on more than one occasion has mentioned that it might be a great idea to stifle.

So, this is my idea for the breakfast table…

Scott and the team at Allan Graphics did the final artwork.  Thank you!  Enjoy…

Kind thoughts,


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  1. I bet there would be many customers for Stifle! How nice to see words from you again. I attended an open house at your studio many years ago and bought a beautiful bowl from you. It was a memorable visit, and I will never forget your beautiful ducks! Best wishes.

  2. Dear Harlan and Maureen
    I’m having an incredibly $%@!**^^@@ day, so your cheery post was very welcome. I’m delighted that you are both doing well and keeping those creative juices flowing with good fun.
    I send good thoughts and wishes every time I cross the Salmon R. en route to and fro to Hotel Dieu.

    Perhaps one of the few good things about the pandemic is that one is happy sitting in one’s living room enjoying some of the wonderful pieces you have created.
    Could you consider “boxing” or packaging other things… maybe ‘joy’ or ‘whimsey’
    Be well.

  3. Hi Harlan and Maureen,

    So great to follow your blog. Time does move on and new challenges arrive each day.
    When the pandemic hit my son Peter mentioned that I had to quarantine, he said “no problem dad, you have been doing it for years in your studio”. Us potters were ahead of the curve.

    All the best Harlan and Maureen, hope to see more posts soon.
    Joseph Panacci

  4. Can’t believe I missed this one. I need a prescription, and a refill in my purse (assume not a gender-specific med).

    Keep inspiring us.

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