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Spring in Lonsdale is simply splendid, just like it is anywhere else. I love the lilacs and the stop sign. Most of the locals drive through without stopping, or do a rolling stop. If you do stop they will know you are from away…but by all means do stop, and do look, and do enjoy, and do come back.

I am mostly a rock and tree and wild flower person. I do make the odd intrusion into the beds, but subtlety is key. I made the monsters a few years ago for our pond, and over the years various things have happened to them, including being taken over by creeping phlox…not bad. I also admire the bleeding heart that decided to live in the rock crevice…a beautiful event. The new growth on the pines is always wonderful, and finally the waterfalls of weeping Colorado spruce are making some sense. It has taken over 20 years to get them to this stage, and I can’t wait to see them in another 20.

If you are in our area, feel free to have a peek…there is a rock garden inside the walls, and if you go up the stairs, there is more…lots more.

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