The Garlic Standard

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Sometimes all one has to do to become successful is to change the definition.

This has worked wonders for most countries in the world that at one time had metal for money, and then chose the gold standard for issuing bills. These countries changed away from the gold standard and use the US dollar as their reserve currency. With no gold standard, this means they can just print more money when they need it. Nice change.

Most of us do not print more money when we need it, which is too bad. It holds us back from being successful as defined by the various gold standards many still use.

Maureen getting garlic scapesMaureen and I have chosen to work in the Garlic Standard. We feel quite good about that choice. We found it an easy change to make, and very consistent with the standards made in the art world, which in a phrase is: if there is a rule, break it.

I did not go into this business with the intention of making money, rather with the intention of making good art. If I had a lot of money I would give a lot of it away, and that is exactly what we do with a lot of our garlic crop. Our kids get some, our friends get some, our neighbours get some, and we get some. They all understand that you eat some of it, and plant some of it, and the Garlic Standard spreads. I would say that means we are successful.


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