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We have good news…no Maureen is not having a baby…but a new baby is on the way. Our son Abraham has made us a new web site. We think it is the kind of thing that brings us in from the dark, and keeps us in touch with all of you. Kicking and scratching as you might imagine, I have been talked into keeping a blog…imagine! I will from time to time add to it as things around here take on new meaning, and I hope you will enjoy it. The address is the same, www.harlanhouse.com but the look is very new…have a peek and let us know what you think.

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  1. Love the new site. The detail of the glazes – wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. WOW! The new site and new work (flower arrangers – Marine Wudi <3 and Celedon, and those vivid Morgan glazes) look fantastic. I wish I could see them in the flesh!

  3. Holy ganoly. Your new web site is fantastic. I had a hard time getting off the home page to explore the rest of the site. Mezmerizing. And beautiful.

    Abraham is a marvel. It’s obvious that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – he’s inherited his father’s genius in his own medium.

    Congratulations on a beautiful new birth.

  4. The Jun picture is balm for the soul; thank you. All the celadon pics are beautiful. And I loved the koi.

  5. A very colourful yet serene site that gently invites you in to explore some beautiful work. A big improvement and well worth the visit…

  6. Have to blame your site for a lack of sleep last night. Kept thinking about it. The visuals are very powerful.

    This morning I’m thinking that what I would really like to see (in addition to what’s already on the site) is a retrospective of work over the years – both in the clay and the painting. Any possibility of two more headings under “Artwork”? That, for me, would make it absolutely perfect. Really, I need my sleep. 🙂

  7. A splendid new web site! The colours are glorious!! So who’s expecting? Will think of you and Maureen often in Italy. Hugs!

  8. It has struck me that just as you are launching the new site, we are at the same time focused on Calgary, where all of this began and in a particular part of that city so affected by the power of nature. What a journey yours has been, from there to here, always new and renewing, always exciting, always a gift to others.

  9. So proud of the incredible work you have done Abe! The site is fantastic Dad. Awesome by every measure; colour, flow and of course your gorgeous work.

  10. This site is beautifully designed. Also I would suggest to put more of your past work on it, porcelain and paintings. Great work, great technique.
    As we are living in a town with skyscrapers, I like yours better, they look grown and are a bit crocket, not slick and impersonal as the ones people live in.

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