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I love a magazine called Lucky Peach. It is an honest, mostly insider look at the food industry. In a world of smoke and mirrors, this publication has lots to expose. I read about a food-like product that I had no idea could, would or should exist. It was an expose of something called “Lunchables”. I have been in large grocery stores, but had never seen them. When I actually saw lunchables, I raced back to my studio to paint. I have been painting junk food for thirty years, and the industry just keeps providing me with more stupid subject matter. Don’t worry, I have been painting other subjects too…

No one in their right mind should make this, buy this or eat this product, but according to a teacher friend of mine, they are everywhere at lunch hours in the schools. If we want our children to know about good food, we have to give them good, real food, and this is not even close on any count. Shame on the industry, and Hooray for Lucky Peach for telling it like it is, and giving me something to add to my “who knew” list. If the food industry keeps this up, I may never have the time to retire!

This one is salami stackables with Kool Aid…with any luck it will be in my exhibition in Toronto in February of next year. The exhibition has food and eating as its theme and might be called “Always use good china”.

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