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I thought you might be interested in this event. It is being held November 2nd and 3rd at thePinecroft Centre for the Arts at the old family studio of Jimmie and Selma Clennell. Pinecroft is just south of London about 2 hours from Toronto or Windsor.

It is called ‘Making Dishes for Ourselves’, a weekend workshop by Harlan House RCA.

It is a weekend workshop for potters that want to make useful, beautiful dishes. The weekend will be a demonstration on some of the fine points of using porcelain for the potter who cooks, eats and knows how to wash up afterwards. I have been working with porcelain for almost 50 years, and while I still have lots to learn, I am getting the hang of it.

Most people in our modern world know all the fine points of a cell phone, but show almost no interest in fondling the rim of a dinner plate. This is a dilemma for potters. So we must lead by example, and actually make beautiful dishes that we love to touch and use.

Harlan House RCA

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