Flowers Brogue and Trump

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Par goes to work…

I was one of the many fools that thought the whole Trump election was just a bad joke.  We knew it was bad.  It turned into 18 holes a day with a bunch of salesmen.  More lies than holes.  My worry is it could happen again…

There is almost nothing that a potter in a tiny village in rural Canada can do about a bad world event.  Almost leaves some room for anything, so I did this video in March of 2017.   The boot is called “Par”.   We all must try to change what little we can.  Hint.  Harlan, get to work…

I thought if I made fun of the golf course “look” that was prevalent around Trump and his old buddies, I might be on to something.  Use your imagination and see these socks leading up to a pair of knickers/plus fours all in cash green to match the mentality.  White—very white top– leading to a classy MAGA ball cap.  Isn’t red the color of a communist party?

I believe that less is more.  We are used to living in a society where bigger is better, and more of almost anything is better than less.  Shallow.

When Trump buys art, he buys copies.  Cheap.  Art is all around him at home. Impressive but still fake.  I thought making fun of these well-dressed gang members/copies of Trump, was possible.  I invented golf socks that were so ridiculous only the rich impression hunters would want them.  Read-Trump and his gang that ran the most powerful office in the world.  Lie, cheat, lie some more.  Buy, and buy off a Porn star. Inflate your wealth.  What a fine opportunity for highly visible elders to teach the young!

Cheat and then play 18.   Beats me.

I was going to put this up on the web page in 2017, but worried about being sued or getting a ton of hate sent one way or another.  I was probably wrong, but with the idiots in charge at the time, who knows.

Now seems like a good time.   Enjoy.

There is a lot of good information about making delicate ceramic flowers in the video.   Use caution.   Making things that sell easily is a slippery slope.   I hope this is worthwhile to craftspeople everywhere. 

Briefly, for you mud puppies–I made a mold of an old brogue shoe, then sculpted a leg in it.  I made a mold of that leg and added it to the shoe mold. I slip cast the whole piece then added laces to the shoes.   Legs need socks, so the idea became real.  I was going to make the socks into diamond socks.  Changed my mind.  I slip stenciled golf balls as decoration.  Golf balls as a solar system.  Buy an asteroid and build a new golf course.  Dress up.  To some this makes perfect sense. 

The title of this sculpture is “Par” signed and dated 2017.  It is 14 inches or 35.5 cm high and was a size 7 in real life.  HH celadon glaze on the socks and iris flowers, and Peach black tenmoku on the brogue.  Fired to cone 12 in reduction.   $ 3500.00 Canadian.

Most of the time we potters walk the Decorative Arts street, but we can cross that street to the Fine Art sidewalk.  I think I did that with this Piece. 

The fabulous music in the background is the Red Garland Trio.  I love working with beauty in the air.

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  1. Harlan, you have very successfully produced both beauty and meaning – two contrasting elements – the established business man’s shoe and peaceful color and image of nature –
    that should be aware of each other.

  2. In times of universal deceit , telling the truth will be a revolutionary act .( George Orwell)
    You go man! I always love seeing process. Thank you Harlan

  3. Thank you Harlan for sharing. It is inspiring to see you work. So delicate and yet so powerful. Keep well.

  4. Spring, Harlan? Really? OK, so it is not our usual Feb weather, but still…. On the other hand, let’s hear it for optimism.

    Hugs to you and Maureen

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