Friday the 13th

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I have been working for a few months towards a good firing, and now it is almost done. I finished loading the kiln and lit the burners on Friday the 13th. 13 is a good number for me. I was the 13th Saidye Bronfman Award winner, and that award meant a lot to me… peer award by peer jurors… that sort of thing.

This is what it looks like to look into the peep hole of a kiln as it reaches its hottest moments…I am about an hour or so away from reaching cone 13 on the bag wall and cone 12 at the arch…hot and we hope lovely. The kiln has been firing for over 18 hours…nice and slow…it will take two or three days to cool, and then we will see what has happened.
It is about -17 C. outside, with snow falling and the wind blowing like crazy, so the temperature difference between outside and in the kiln is about 1333 degrees Celsius…OK when 13 is your good number. [Cone 13 is about 2460 degrees F.]

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