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I’ve added another technical page that discusses how I glaze my work. If you can believe it, I’ve been using an old Electrolux vacuum as long as I can remember. For those who are interested, check out the technical page on glazing.

This Chinese sprayer is handmade on the streets of Jingdezhen and is commonly used for glazes that are prone to pin holes or for re-glazing areas of a pot that has a glaze defect. They fill the jar with the glaze, and simply blow into the pipe. It works exactly like a perfume atomizer does, with your lungs working as the rubber squeeze bulb. A vacuum is made as your breath passes over the little tube that reaches into the glaze. This vacuum draws the glaze up, and it then blends into your breath, and makes a spray which travels to the pot being glazed. Slow, quiet and good. Don’t suck.

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