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I love the phrase Juvenile Senior. A friend told me that is what he is, because he hired people to put a new roof on his house, even though he could maybe have done it himself. A few years ago he would have for sure. Now is now.

I mention Juvenile Senior, because I just read my own history written by Barry Morrison. Barry asked me to check it for accuracy, so I did. It is. Barry has made a website called studioceramicscanada.com. He is a well-respected curator in Canadian art circles. His site is a very interesting place if you are following Canadian ceramics and its history.

It is fascinating to re-trace your footsteps over 50 years. Things that I thought were forgotten are still vivid, and some bits I did forget become real again. It has been quite a ride for Maureen and me in the art world, and by the way today went, it is not over. I was in the studio finishing a painting that was already finished, and doing some serious battle with clay that was a little too hard. I won.

There will be an exhibition this fall in Lonsdale, and we will keep you posted. The new work is not like anything you have seen before. I’m having a ball.

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