Lucky Frog

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What a lucky boy I am!

Many years ago, Maureen and I were at Larry Davidson’s Lost Horizons nursery near Acton.

As we got close to running out of space in our little car, Larry walked over with as many jardinières as he could carry. “Take these off my hands”, he said. He had just retired from being a very good potter and turned his attention to gardens. He told me that he made a hundred planters out of his scrap clay…it needed to be used up. Larry lives, and lived large!

Thirty years later, I am still admiring what Larry did, and still using what he made. And now, for only the second time in my life, I discovered a tree frog in my gallery on Larry’s pot. For a boy who has put his share of frogs on pots, to have one visit unannounced for the winter is an honor. We have spent decades encouraging frogs to live in our gardens. It seems to be paying off. I can’t believe how lucky I am…in all ways.

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