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Maureen and I would like to thank all of you that came out to our Lonsdale Studio Exhibition. It was like old home week! Lovely to see all of you in such fine health.

There were certainly some raised eyebrows. Why would anyone want to put a flower in a shoe…and why shoes? When I was a kid, our mother used to drill us routinely about the concept of just where shoes should be…on your feet, and not on the furniture. So this is my little rebellion. Shoes on the table.

The interesting thing for me, is that all I was going to do was put a shoe on the table…done. In the making process, the form that makes the socks happen is actually an overflow device for filling the mold with liquid casting slip. Normally, it would be cut off, and you would be left with the shoe. That was the plan. But when an opportunity strikes you have to go with it. Socks born…really bad socks in this case. Crazy how a little accident turns into corporate hate and I hope good art.

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