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Happy Valentine’s Day,

A beautiful thing develops in a working artist’s daily life. It is the ability to know when to stop working.  Stop.  Done.  Leave. 

As you know, My Work, My Way— the book, is on my website. It was done.  I left. 

In it, I quote American baker Claudia Fleming.  “You can always do it better. And until you’ve done it a thousand times you haven’t done it.  Until you can fix it you haven’t done it at all.”

The book looked good on the computer; looked terrible when we printed a paper copy.  Photos dark; colour off.    Miriam Brant, the book designer and I fixed it. 

It now looks like we can print a few copies for those of us who like to touch.  Let me know if you are one of them.  Think spring.  I will let you know…

Be well,


Download PDF (16MB)

Email Harlan if you are interested in a printed copy.

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