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I’m working on a project that might make a difference to our kids and grandchildren. The lamp that I am building has a mirror in it, and when finished will support three iris shades. It, with four other iris pieces will make a collection that will be raffled off to raise money for science. We are trying to persuade the largest waste management firm in Canada not to build a mega-dump on fractured limestone…it leaks. Our wells are good ones, and we want to keep them that way. We need to pay for good science, and this is about all I can do to help. I will add more photos as I finish the project, and I hope you will help me, and my neighbours…and all their kids too.

Harlan House RCA

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  1. Thank you Harlan for putting your talents towards protecting the environment !
    Steve of Napanee

  2. Awesome that you’ve thrown your wonderful talents behind this cause. I will buy tickets as soon as they are available.

  3. Good morning Harlan,
    I have loved your work since the seventies-when I brought one of your lovely rosette porcelain Iris vases, at the Thompson Gallery in Winnipeg-sadly that gallery is now longer in business but when I saw the vase it was love at first sight! It is still one of my most treasured pieces!!
    I was enjoying the vase this morning and it suddenly occurred to me that you might have a website-so here I am-your blog piece remind me of Leonard Marcoe’s studio in Winnipeg also in the 70’s-along one of his windows was a long line of antique glass lamp shades -my favorite one had irises on it-please post a photo of your finished piece-I’m so curious about the iris shades!
    Thank you for inspiring these Winnipeg memories-I’m missing the white of winter as it has been far too mildly gray on the west coast this year-
    I love your bud vases-with the tulip shape in the center in blue.- are they for sale??
    It is such a treat to discover your paintings too-‘Winter Apples’-My favorite!!
    Thank you so much for the beauty your work has brought into my life these past 40 years!!
    Wendy Picken

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