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When I turned 16, my parents gave me 16 silver dollars and a good party with cake and friends. Both of my parents said that I should save the 16 silver dollars. I tried. The real highlight of turning 16 was when my girlfriend, Joanne Brooks, gave me a surprise of 16 kisses. I remember wanting to be 70.

Fifty four years later, Maureen and I left lovely Lonsdale for a week in Toronto. We stayed in friend’s guest apartment in the centre of the town. Both of us have been wanting to do things in the city, but there never seems to be time…rush rush, do business and a lunch and back on the 401. So this time, we had what a lot of other people do not have …time. And we spent it

All this was to celebrate the fact that I turned 70. I didn’t count the Maureen kisses, but I think she was close. 70 is good! We saw friends, went to some art galleries, saw some old buildings, looked at favourite shops, and went to new and old bistros. We walked, cabbed and napped and prized happy hour. How is that for civilized activity?

Did I mention the word restraint? I have never cared about the exact meaning of that word…it is just not me. I think it has something to do with either a savings account or having too many kisses, and maybe saying no to fun. I just thought you might like to know that nothing has changed for 54 years, and it is not likely to in the near future.

I am back in the studio and enjoying my work. Here are a few photos of what I am up to this week. I expect to be firing a kiln soon, and will be doing research on happy hours in faraway places. Do it while you can!

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