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Stop the Dump Raffle

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We moved to Lonsdale, Ontario in 1973 from Calgary, Alberta. I found this little jewel of a village by accident, and have enjoyed it for over 40 years. Moving from a big city to a hamlet would be setback for many, but not for us.

From day one, I felt really at home. An old village, and old home, and an old run down carriage house to use as a studio. All of this was a challenge, but youth, and determination was at work.

One of the things I acquired a taste for, was water. I also found out just how precious it really is. We drink well water, and it tastes good. We have limited volume, unlike living in the city. We found out how to manage with a little less; quality trumps quantity.

When the presence of dump leachate was found to be in some of our local water wells, I knew that something had to be done. Having an 1840’s house and studio to fix and restore, and being a full time artist meant that I was not going to sit on committees and meet bureaucrats. I did write letters but that is really not enough. When the opportunity to raise a little cash for science on this misadventure on fractured limestone showed itself, I jumped at the chance. It is about all a full time artist can do, so that is what I am doing…no meetings, no bureaucrats, and no more dump plans we hope…Oh, and no guilt.

I really do like our water!

As you may already know, I was working on an iris wall mirror a few weeks ago. In conjunction with The Concerned Citizens Committee of Tyendinaga and Environs, this piece and a collection of four additional iris’s will be raffled off in order to raise money for scientific investigation and support to prevent further development of a local landfill which affects the community I live in. This is an opportunity to win some very unique one-of-a-kind pieces from past and present including the mirror, two wall plates, a watercolour and a vase.

Find out more about the artwork and the details on the raffle at Find out more about putting a stop to further development of a local landfill, already piled high over leaky limestone and contaminated water – visit


Contact Fred Whalen to buy your tickets through email at
or by calling 1-613-968-5695 between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm (EST, Ontario).

Raffle Tickets are $20 each or $100 for six. There will be a total of 3,000 Tickets – 1 in 600 chance to win. The early bird draw for the “White Night” iris wall plate will be made September 17th, 2014. Four final draws will be made January 7, 2015 for the four additional iris pieces (lamp, vase, watercolour and wall plate)

Thank you for your support!

Please support us in our efforts to STOP THE DUMP! Please share this with your friends and colleagues.


Harlan House RCA

Visit Harlan’s Facebook page.

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