Summer High

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I had a high summer.  

17 years ago, I shingled the south side of Paddy Doyle’s Hotel and added to the windowsills and trim.  They got a couple coats of paint, and I moved back into the studio to work on exhibitions.

17 years later, the windows needed a lot of love.  They are just over 180 years old.  This was their year.  So up on a scaffold, and up on a ladder I went.  Summer of 2022.  Every few years you just need to putty a window light or scrape a knot.  Seal it and paint it again.  Time well spent.

I am back on the ground now, and happy to be so.  Looking after an 1841 Hotel is a privilege.  

You will be hearing from me soon, as we document a new body of Art called “the Find” for the web site.   A trove of really good work found in a storage shed.  More soon…

Kind thoughts,

Harlan and Maureen too.

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  1. Congratulations for this hard work ! A man of so many talents.
    All the best to Maureen and you and your family on this Thanksgiving.
    Despite all the sorrow in my life, I am fortunate to be in Canada, to have Julien , Francie, and Thomas (11) and Joanne(8) and the visit of my mother who is almost 101.

  2. Look at that cute man.

    The title ‘the Find’ is great.

    Wonderful authentic blog as always xo. Authentic is you both ♥️

  3. Such a joy to see you still at it..even more of a joy to serve Thanksgiving dinner on my celadon plates and fill the house with flowers in your vases then of course, coffee in your coffee cups!! Delighted to hear from you again.

  4. How lovely to hear from you. Many years ago I restored the sash windows in an old Ottawa Valley house with the help of a restoration carpenter. It was one of the most gratifying experiences of my life. Glad to see you are off the ladder, though.

  5. This is for Maureen: what were you doing while Harlan was perched on a ladder that was perched on a scaffold? Eyes closed? Teeth gritted? Checking insurance policies? I was highly and clearly opinionated about John and ladders/high places, though I never thought twice about his use of sharp, spinning machinery. Bestest to you both.

  6. As always your work is wonderful!
    You may want to know, that Tony Paginton is in bad shape and lives in a long term home now. He has Alzheimers and is paralyzed, poor man. He is 81 years old, I guess all this comes with old age.
    It seems, you are still going strong. Keep on going!

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