20/20 Hind Sight

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The Koffler Arts Center in Toronto had a 20 year retrospective of my work in 1990, called 20/20 Hind Sight. It was curated by Gloria Hickey. Works came from many collectors, and some came from our house. For some reason when my part of the show came back, I put it in storage. I did the same thing earlier with a 10 year retrospective at the Agnes Etherington Art Gallery in Kingston, curated by Robert Swain. I was looking for a copy of the 20/20 book that went with that show, and found not only the books, but many of the original pieces from both shows. Here is some of what I found. If you are interested in a piece or a book, give us a call or e-mail us for more information. We’ll also have the work out to see at our show in Lonsdale in the first week of November. Have a peek at all the work here.

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