Table Talk – An Exhibition

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This is an invitation to you. I am having an exhibition of porcelain at the David Kaye Gallery in Toronto.

The exhibition is called Table Talk. I have always cared about what kind of porcelain people put on their tables, over their tables and on the walls near the table. The show is about what happens to my celadon glaze when bas-relief is used…low, touchable relief…a pooling glaze and good conversation. I have also included a few of my paintings in the exhibition that we have hung in our kitchen; of events that took place on our table. Ready for a second glass?

Join Maureen and me at the opening of the show February 4th from 6 to 8pm. The show will be up until February 28th.

David Kaye Gallery, 1092 Queen St. West…enter the gallery from Dovercourt.

Click on the image below for a slideshow of some pieces in the exhibition.

Harlan House RCA

Harlan House RCA

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