Video – Harlan at The Throwing Wheel

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I have been making ceramics for almost 50 years. I used to do a lot of weekend workshops all across Canada encouraging potters to use and enjoy porcelain. In almost every workshop I was asked to make one of these large platters, because the method is a little unique, and takes some practice to do it well. I have to …

Process and Beauty in One Pull

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I have wanted to do this forever. Anyone that has thrown a cup or bowl off the hump, on a potter’s wheel knows the lovely mark of a piece of twisted thread that appears on the bottom of the piece as you cut it off.…it is process and beauty all at once. I tried to get this “mark” on the …

Rose Houses

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The main challenge still exists for a person who makes functional wares. That task is to make an object that not only functions well, that is, does its job, but is beautiful and meaningful when it is not being used. It is not easy. On many occasions I have had artists ask me if function ever got in the way …

Blue Celadon

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If you want to find out more about Blue Celadon glazes…including how to produce a thick, unctuous, wonderful juicy Jun glaze, please investigate the Blue Celadon technical page on my website. Harlan House RCA Visit Harlan’s Facebook page.

Flashed Harlan House Celadon glaze on soup bowl

HH Celadon

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For those students, teachers and potters who have an interest in what I have been doing for the last 45 years, I have added another technical page that provides information regarding my HH Celadon Glaze. Please have a look at the HH Celadon glaze technical page if you are interested in the evolution and formulae for this signature glaze. Harlan …


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I met Maureen at a ‘get acquainted’ dance in high school over fifty years ago. I did not take her home from that dance, but her presence stayed. A couple of days later, a friend and I were talking in the hallway, when Maureen walked by. She flashed the most wonderful smile that announced to me, ‘I am on your …

The Garlic Standard

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Sometimes all one has to do to become successful is to change the definition. This has worked wonders for most countries in the world that at one time had metal for money, and then chose the gold standard for issuing bills. These countries changed away from the gold standard and use the US dollar as their reserve currency. With no …


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Hello! We have good news…no Maureen is not having a baby…but a new baby is on the way. Our son Abraham has made us a new web site. We think it is the kind of thing that brings us in from the dark, and keeps us in touch with all of you. Kicking and scratching as you might imagine, I …


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Many years ago, I learned how to make sprigs for use in decorating porcelain. For fun, I added a very small frog sprig to the inside wall of a slip cast coffee mug. As the user drank, all of a sudden there was this creature on the coffee shoreline. The frog sprig became so popular that people would not buy …